12" Scooter Board

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Get ready for kinetic fun with the 12 inch Scooter Board! This helpful, therapeutic board will encourage kids to develop upper and lower body strength, motor planning and more. Side handles help kids who are working on gross motor and balance skills.

Scooter boards are a great way to get kids up and moving. Sit in various positions to exercise many different gross motor muscles. This item can be used indoors or outdoors, and makes for a fun playtime or recess activity.

Scooter Board Safety Precautions

A. Do not exceed weight of 175 lbs.
B. Do not use on sloped floors, hallways or near stairs.
C. Keep hands & fingers away from casters.
D. Do not stand on scooter board, one rider at a time.
E. Do not use in such a way that will cause it to be tipped.
F. Use only with proper supervision, appropriate safety precautions and practices.

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